Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival

Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival 2018

Where: Rathlin Island and Ballycastle

(See below for exact location)

When: 25th May – 3rd June 2018


“To Rathlin’s Isle, I chanced to sail
When summer breezes softly blew,
And there I heard so sweet a tale
That oft I wished it could be true.

Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival marks the beginning of a great summer of celebrating our maritime heritage. This  festival is centered on Rathlin Sound, the body of water that lies between Rathlin Island and the town of Ballycastle on the beautiful Antrim coast and it celebrates the maritime traditions, local heritage and culture of this impressive area.

Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival

Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival

The festival is about inspiring a passion for the sea as well as celebrating local culture bringing together a rich mix of activities and events both on the sea and on land.

Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival

Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival

This is one festival not to be missed and if you’re not local, it’s a great excuse to visit the beautiful northern coast. Whether you are a history buff, music lover, adrenline junkie or foodie there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival

Where exactly is the Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival?


And the best advice we can share…

  • Make sure you get a boat over to Rathlin Island and explore.
  • Start making plans now, and enjoy yourself!

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